Coyote Black Debut at the Horseshoe Tavern Recap

Michelle Johannesson

It’s August 23rd 2016. Groups of guests flow into the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, creating a warm hum of conversation throughout the venue. Old friends catch up. Bartenders fill pints and lines of rail shots. The reason for the turn out? To see some amazing up-and-coming bands, including Coyote Black.


The Horseshoe tavern, a venue that has previously hosted acts like Willie Nelson, Blue Rodeo, The Rolling Stones and Arcade Fire, was a huge gig for the Coyote boys. After being together only about a year-and-a-half, the band impressively played like seasoned vets in tight musical synch.


Josh expresses what the show meant to the group, “For us, playing at the Horseshoe was surreal. As soon as you step on the stage you can just feel the history of the place. All of the bands that we've been dying to see have rocked these walls for the last half-century and we get the chance to do it too. It was so cool that it almost felt like we were sneaking in there... Stealing a little moment of Horseshoe mojo for ourselves.”


The boys may have felt like they were stealing a “moment of Horseshoe mojo”, but the band arguably drummed up a mojo all of their own. The Coyote boys played their set to a full house of people who sang, danced and grooved to Coyote Black originals like Blue Blossoms & Late in June & a raw interpretation of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s get it on.

Coyote Black’s sound is reminiscent of the grunge and rawness of classic rock-and-roll with a twist of modern edgy pop. If you have yet to check these guys out live, make sure you check out their return to the Horseshoe Tavern on Halloweekend Oct. 29!

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